Valley residents brace for a hot week

FRESNO, Calif.

As the sun goes down, Woodward Park is filling up. Bike riders and rollerbladers are hitting the trails, but much later than they usually come.

Tommy Moua of Fresno and his family don't often times find themselves bike riding and rollerblading past 8:00 at night. But, on Sunday that became the case after Moua decided to hold off on what would normally be a daytime excursion.

"Only because today was so hot, so we just decided to come out later."

We found other families in Northeast Fresno's Woodward Park taking those same precautions Sunday. Mohamed Elsayed of Fresno says with an upcoming week full of triple digit temperatures, his four-year-old daughter will continue to ride her bike later than usual.

"We came maybe after 7:30, so the weather is better. It's not that hot."

Dr. William Ebbeling says as the temperatures start to soar, it's a good idea for people to be more aware of what their bodies can handle.

"So anytime the temperature is above 100, you are at risk for overheating, and overheating can kill you.

Taking water and lots of fluids is good, but trying to be in a situation to keep cool is very important.

Dr. ebbeling says aside from the risk of heat stroke and other heat related injuries, people should also pay attention to the air quality which is generally worse when is starts getting hot.

"And I think we're in an orange, unhealthy for sensitive groups. When it goes red, we don't need to be outside in it and that's as dangerous as the heat. So put the two together, once it's over a hundred, best idea is to stay inside."

Dr. Ebbeling says signs of heat exhaustion include dizziness and the inability to sweat. He says if you must be outside, make sure you drink enough water and take breaks often.

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