Touch-focus eyeglasses, seeing believing

FRESNO, Calif.

Choosing a pair of eyeglasses from the seemingly endless selection can be confusing. But what if you only had to focus on one pair?

A new innovation in lenses promises to do away with the need to constantly take off your glasses to adjust to different vision needs.

Optometrist, Roger A. Hayashi said, "Once we all reach that early 40's to mid 40's and beyond, everyone needs a different prescription for faraway and a different prescription for up close so we have to have multiple pairs"

But Dr. Hayashi says the future of vision correction might be found in "TruFocals". The glasses have a retro, round lens but its technology is state of the art. There are two lenses, one firm and the other, flexible and filled with a clear fluid.

A "slider" on the nose bridge changes the pressure on the second lens adjusting the focus for the wearer. No more taking glasses on and off to read or drive ... or having to switch from one pair to another.

Action News spoke to the CEO of TruFocals based in Van Nuys about the touch-focus design.

Adrian Koppes said, "It has been the dream of many inventors and we finally have it in a form that is practical and it works."

But what about the style of the frames?

The wide selection of eyeglass frames is as varied as personal taste and that may be one of the drawbacks of TruFocals which for now, seems to focus on function over fashion.

The company says the technology requires a round lens to change the focus of the entire surface and create a consistent field of vision.

Dr. Hayashi said, "The round style, the 'Harry Potter' look, it came back in certain places. Has it reached Fresno yet? Our fashion timing and since isn't always the same as the Bay Area and Southern California but there are people out there that this would be great for them.

The cost of TruFocals is about $900.00 ... double or triple the amount for a traditional pair of glasses. But the company says many people end up spending that much on multiple pairs.

Meantime, another company is working on an electronic version of touch focus lenses. In an animation provided by Pixel Optics shows a prototype that shifts focus when the wearer looks up or down and the focus can be controlled with a touch of the frame. Two technologies bringing the future of vision correction into sharper focus.

TruFocals can be ordered online with a doctor's prescription and come with instructions to get the frames fitted with an eye care professional. Most insurance policies cover at least part of the cost.

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