Drag Kings to Perform at AAA All-Star Game

Fresno, CA

"We can shake our booties when we have to and I think that's what caught the national media's attention," said Silkee. "We've got a winning team and we've got a winning drag team as well."

At the game, the Drag Kings will challenge the local "Dancing Dirt Dudes," a take-off on the Fresno-based original.

"We were dancing here and perfecting our craft before their stadium was even built," Silkee said. "So the fact that those guys are even out there is a complete testament to our success."

Success built on following a fundamentally-sound routine at Chukchansi Park.

"Well once we get all the way down from our dressing room," said Tha Kid, " we get down through the dugouts, we gotta come in here to the grounds keeping enclave to get our utensils of the trade ready to go. Gotta make sure you tighten up the ropes. Make sure the ropes are tied into the plywood.

"So just like a baseball team, the order that we come out in is very important. It's almost like our batting order. So we've got Patty Melt. He's our lead rake. Myself (Tha Kid) and Jeeves are second and third rakes out there. Our boy Silkee over here is the final rake.

"And then from there you're really making sure that you're about six inches of overlap of the guy in front of you. Right about now is when we drop our rakes and do our thing. You're looking up and you're really just looking to connect with that one person in the audience. It's a great feeling."

A great feeling sure to please fans on the East Coast. But the Drag Kings don't plan on stopping there.

"As long as we stay true to our fans and keep them entertained with our fun guaranteed and out sweet choreography," said Patty Melt, "it's only a matter of time before everyone else catches on."

"Everybody keeps talking about everything over in China, why not Shanghai? Let's go," said Jeeves. "Our music, our dance translates into any language. So let's take it out there."

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