Three dead in double murder, suicide in Northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

It happened at an apartment complex at Figarden and Sante Fe. Police say Robert and Gloria Acuna were found in the woman's downstairs apartment. Their son was found upstairs where he tried to get help.

Police say the couple had been separated for more than a year. Neighbor Madeline Rangel said she saw the couple often, but had no idea they were separated. "I never knew there was a problem or they were estranged. I never heard an argument, they never argued. I never noticed anything. They seemed normal," said Rangel.

Police say they'd been called to the apartment back in March, when a son reported an argument between his parents. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said officers saw no indication of violence, so they left after advising the woman about how to get a restraining order.

A neighbor told police they heard arguing Tuesday afternoon but didn't think anything of it. An hour later, police found the three victims. Police say a wedding portrait was found next to Robert Acuna's body with the letters RIP, scribbled in black marker. "It was very apparent that Robert, whether or not he had planned on taking his life on the way to the location or at some point and time while inside the apartment, he made the decision to do so," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Wednesday, friends left cards at the West Central Fresno home the family shared for more than 20 years. While people showed up to grieve, longtime neighbors expressed shock. "For me, I just don't believe it. They're not people you would think this would happen to. It's the last people," said neighbor Brian Romero.

Survivors include the couple's 23 year old daughter and a 26 year old son. Police say the son told police his father was going to the apartment in hopes of reconciliation Tuesday. At some point that conversation turned into an argument, and then, tragedy.

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