Madera Grandfather, grandson facing child molestation charges

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators arrested 82-year-old Doug Machado and his 31-year-old grandson Charlie Brown Thursday in two separate child sex cases.

People who live on this Madera Street often refer to their neighbor, 82-year-old Doug Machado as "grandpa."

But, for Donna Brown ... she simply calls him, dad. "I was shocked, especially them arresting my dad, when I knew he didn't do anything."

Brown was inside their Madera home Thursday, when sheriff's deputies arrived to arrest her father, along with her son, 31-year-old Charlie Brown.

Investigators say the grandfather-grandson duo are involved in two separate child molestation cases. an allegation that has shocked both Brown and others who say they've known the family for years. "I can't believe this is all happening. My dad would never ever hurt a child like that or even my son. My son is devastated."

"He's been like a grandfather to my daughter for 11 years everyone in this neighborhood trusts him. Everybody in this town trusts him."

The first allegation was reported last month by a 13-year-old girl, who Machado used to babysit. She told authorities he repeatedly molested her for three years starting at the age of eight.

Detectives began working on another case when a seven-year-old boy came forward to accuse Brown of sexual molestation. Brown is a close acquaintance of the boy and his mother.

Erica Stuart said, "I'll pull their pictures and then it pops up where they live so I walked into the detectives and said you've got them listed at the same address, and they said yeah, its grandson and grandfather, and that's a first. That's a first for Madera County."

As for Brown, she says she will continue to defend her family even though her father is a registered sex offender and her son has a long criminal history.

Machado and his son do live within walking distance to a school. Detectives believe there may be more victims in this case.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Madera County Sheriff's Office.

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