Murder-suicide suspect involved in Fresno 1977 double murder

FRESNO, Calif.

Robert Acuna is suspected of killing his estranged wife and 20-year-old son on Tuesday and then turning the gun on himself.

He is the same Robert Acuna who is connected to a case involving the murder of two Fresno middle school girls back in 1977.

12-year-old Belinda Hernandez -- and 13-year-old Connie Ostos were kidnapped on their way to school and then found stabbed to death. Their bodies were dumped at Pine Flat Reservoir.

It was a cold case until 1994 when Fresno County Sheriff's Detectives arrested Ernest Marin Junior and his son Ernest the third.

Robert Acuna was also detained in connection with the case but was never charged.

The younger Marin and Acuna were best friends at the time of the murders and the victims were their girlfriends.

Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies say Acuna was not involved in the murders, but was forced by the elder Marin to help dump the bodies of the two girls.

Acuna provided detailed information to detectives about the case and Ernest Marin Junior is now serving a life sentence in prison.

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