Father of son who was tattooed gets 6 years in prison

FRESNO, Calif.

A judge sentenced Enrique Gonzalez Jr. Monday on a corporal injury to a child conviction.

Gonzalez admitted he asked Travis Gorman to put a bulldog paw on his son.

He and Gorman both cut deals with prosecutors after a jury found them "not guilty" of the charge of aggravated mayhem.

A conviction on that charge could've meant life in prison for the two men.

Defense attorneys say the case could've been wrapped up in a month if the district attorney agreed to the final plea deal before ever taking the case to court.

"The DA chose to make an example of these two, chose to waste all this taxpayers' money," Gorman's Attorney Manuel Nieto said.

Gorman and Gonzalez will both be out of jail in three years or less because of time already served.

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