The campaign is over, only the signs remain

FRESNO, Calif.

City Code Enforcement Officer Esko Siipola says the rules are often broken. "Typically before a campaign we'll get signs that are put up too early and then obviously, the bigger the campaign the more complaints we receive after the allotted time frame in our municipal code."

The city generally relies on complaints from citizens before removing signs ... city crews will remove those on public property if they come across them. Siipola says signs on private property are a little different. "If it's on a private property and we receive a complaint or two for example then we could send a notice to the property owner to remove that and put a time frame behind that."

If they don't it's a two hundred dollar fine. But it rarely comes to that. If there's a sign that's bugging you, and it's on public property, Siipola says you can remove it. "If it's on public property, pretty much anyone would have the right to take that sign down."

Anyone with concern about a sign can contact the City of Fresno Code Enforcement Office.

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