UPDATE: Operation Fruit Basket

MERCED, Calif.

The story sparked a strong reaction from many ABC30 viewers. Some felt the sheriff's office was justified in enforcing the law, but others expressed sympathy for Apolinar and even offered to pay his ticket. We have since tried to get in touch with Apolinar by going to the address we have for him. We spoke to two men at the home in Fresno, but they told us Apolinar does not live there any longer. They do not know him personally, but they know other people who do know him. We left our contact information in hopes of hearing from someone who could help us find Apolinar. So far, we have not received any calls.

We wanted to provide this update so viewers who contacted us about this story will know we appreciate the comments and concern and are still working to locate Apolinar. We plan to be in court next month on the day of his hearing and will provide a further update on this story. Thanks to everyone who took time to share their opinions on this story.

Sara Sandrik
Action News Merced Bureau Reporter

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