Mr. Food: International Cheeses for Summer

Mr. Food

Whether we're off to a romantic picnic complete with a bottle of wine and some crusty bread, or we're hosting a patio party and need a crowd-pleaser to keep them satisfied 'til dinner is served, cheese always delivers!

Where do we start? Summer pairings call for lighter choices – in our wines and in our cheese, so we'll forgo the heavier Cheddars and provolone and save them for the cooler weather.

This time of year, look for:

  • All the varieties of French chèvre, which is goat cheese
  • Creamy wheels and wedges of brie to spread on crackers or pair with bunches of sweet, juicy grapes or feature in pasta dishes
  • Mild and versatile Havarti, from Denmark, that works well on sandwiches and with pears, grapes and apples
  • Mellow Gouda and Edam, direct from the Netherlands, in rounds, slices and wedges. These summer-friendly cheeses, often encased in rinds, match with our season's best melons, peaches, plums and berries.
  • Don't pass up water-packed fresh mozzarella, which is fast becoming the mainstay of the signature salad of summer, Caprese salad – you know, fresh mozzarella and ruby red tomatoes with garden-fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It's summer at its best!

That's just a sampling – there are so many more to consider, and right now, they're pretty reasonably priced. With choices like these, the real dilemma is picking out just a few to give us loads of "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"

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