Valley heat causes power outages

FRESNO, Calif.

"Power keeps going out and we've gone to two or three different places to keep cool and it happened again today."

Lile and the rest of his neighbors have experienced three separate power outages in the past seven days. Two of them happened last weekend.The latest occurred Saturday when power went out to 106 homes in the area around 4:00. By 8:00, the power was still out to 25 homes.

PG&E says the recent outages are the result of two factors: the heat and old transmitters dating back to the 1970's.

Still, some neighbors say it's rare for the area. "This is really the first time this has happened to me in 38 years. We've never got power outages because we're so close to Saint Agnes. We always thought it had something to do with their grid maybe or something," said Linda Crowder.

People who live in the area say they're frustrated by the constant loss of power. "Yeah, I'm getting a little ticked, you know, but it doesn't do any good. We paid our bill too!"

And even though they hope this latest one will be the last, many of them are already preparing for the next outage as they continue to try and stay cool.

"Just going outside, turning the sprinkler on and wear a wash rag on my head, on our feet. You know, stay cool!"

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