Fresno man killed while long boarding on Auberry Road

FRESNO, Calif.

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41-year-old Sean Smith was long boarding with his friends on Auberry Road in Eastern Fresno County when he collided with an oncoming car.

Friends say Smith tried to pass his other buddies on a hair-pin turn. Long boards are long and narrow, built for more speed than traditional skateboards.

Smith and his friends liked to long board all over Fresno County. They posted videos of themselves whizzing down spiral parking garages and mountain roads.

Nearby resident Jennifer Fleming says she had seen the group on Auberry Road several times before. But Sunday their weekly trek turned deadly.

Fleming said, "Just seen them going back and forth just skating ... having a good time and then I noticed a lot of cars slowing down and then we came out to open up the gate for someone and noticed there was an accident and saw the helicopter."

Friends say they always wore protective head gear and stayed on the right-hand side of the road ... but the sport he loved so much ended up taking his life.

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