Fresno County Sugar Pine Trail nears completion

FRESNO, Calif.

The trial follows an abandoned rail line, known originally as the "Sugar Pine Line" from Clovis and Shields all the way to Woodward Park and the River Park Shopping Center. The one interruption occurred when the city of Fresno failed to act on claiming title to the rail line, and it reverted to the adjacent property owner, Pat Ricchiutti. He had concerns about access to his fruit packing house and store. He said those concerns have finally been addressed. "We've come to a great agreement with the City of Fresno."

It's a victory for Mark Keppler. He was among those who lead the effort to get the trail built back in the 1990's. "It's been a ten year journey and we're very pleased to see this connection completed because it was an important link that needed to happen on this section of the trail."

Completion of this trail, with an extension all the way north to Copper Avenue is part of the City of Fresno's Master Bike Plan, to expand bike lanes and trails throughout the city. City Traffic Engineer Bryan Jones believes there's a growing need for bicycle access throughout the city. "We are seeing more bike ridership than ever in the city of Fresno."

Much of the funding is coming from the Measure C Sales Tax, along with State and Federal Grants. While it's taken a long time, the project should be finished within 60 days.

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