Lawsuits expected in Fresno bus crash

FRESNO, Calif.

After the CHP revealed Garay was under the influence of alcohol many may have assumed she was responsible for the bus crash. But an attorney for the family of Epifania Solis believes the focus will be on Greyhound. Attorney Paul Kiesel spoke to us by phone from his office in Beverly Hills. "Certainly doing an investigation and determining how this Greyhound struck a disabled vehicle at speed with passengers, who the bus company owes the highest duty of care to, is certainly something they are going to be looking at very closely."

Both Kiesel and Capozzi believe numerous lawsuits will be filed. Capozzi believes the owners of the SUV, Sylvia Garay's parents, could be sued by the families of her friends in the SUV and by the passengers on the bus. But Capozzi believes Garay and the others can also sue Greyhound. "The ironic thing about this case is, the person driving the SUV the person supposedly under the influence of alcohol has a right, and could sue, her family could sue Greyhound for causing her death."

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