Two victims of a Fresno crash remembered

FRESNO, Calif.

Garay's family members wore purple shirts, each with a different photo of a smiling Sylvia. Her cousin and sister both broke down as they spoke to the crowd. "I just want to thank everyone for coming. We just really miss Sylvia," said her sister, Patty Garay.

Sylvia's cousin, Karina Garay, said Sylvia was like a sister. "I loved her conversations and I'll miss the ones we won't have," said Karina Garay.

At the same time, another family in the North Valley said goodbye to 60 year old Epifania Solis, a Madera Grandmother who was on her way back from a trip to Mexico. As her family members grieve, their attorney is focusing on Greyhound to see if the accident could have been prevented. "If we can figure out what is was about this incident ... what caused this to happen, to prevent injuries in the future, the family will at least feel as though there's some benefit, if you can use that term, for the loss of their mother," said attorney Paul Kiesel.

Back in Dinuba, a local pastor is hoping something else will come out of the tragedy. The California Highway Patrol reports Garay was drunk when she crashed the S.U.V. Pastor Al Serna said he hopes young people will think twice before drinking and driving. While he makes no excuses for Garay's choices, he said her life should be remembered by the lives she touched and not by a bad decision. "She did make some choices, but that did not represent who she was. Sylvia's a beautiful person. And it's one of those moments, if you can just go back and do it again," said Serna.

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