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FRESNO, Calif.

Just because the olive oil bottle says "extra virgin" does not mean that's what's behind the glass.

A new study found 69 percent of the imported oils they sampled failed to meet internationally accepted standards for extra virgin olive oil.

Researchers at UC Davis examined olive oils labeled as extra virgin, and purchased in California supermarkets and "at big box" retail outlets.

The goal of the study was to provide consumers and retailers with an accurate picture of the quality of olive oils being marketed at grocery stores and other retail outlets in California.

Researcher say only 10 percent of the California-produced oils sampled failed to meet extra virgin standards.


A new government report says family farms and ranches are dominating the nation's agricultural landscape.

A new report by the US Agriculture Department this week suggests family-owned businesses account for 98 percent of United States farms and ranches.

Those family farms produce 82 percent of farm production.

The report classifies nearly 90 percent of farms and ranches as small farms, adding larger-scale farms account for most production.


A new study out this week suggests conventional farming is limiting greenhouse gas.

Researchers at Stanford University say traditional farming has kept some greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

The study found advances in farming have allowed farmers to grow much more food in the same space.

That has reduced the need to plow billions of additional acres which prevents the release of billions of tons of greenhouse gases.

In a way, farmers have become more efficient. But critics say the study is flawed and masks farming's environmental problems.

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