Robbers targeting Fresno County dairy farmers

FRESNO, Calif.

The bruises and bumps on his head have gone away in the weeks since three men attacked Jim Bos inside his own home. But the memories are sticking.

"[I] don't sleep good," he said. "Think about it all the time."

The dairy owner stepped just outside of his home to check on his cows on July 6. When he came back, the armed robbers were waiting for him.

"They pointed all the guns at me and they go, 'Get down on the floor!'" he said the morning after the attack. "[They] started kicking me in the head and saying, 'Where's the money? Where's the money?'"

Bos is not alone. He says six other dairy owners tell him they've been hit by robbers, mostly in Fresno County.

Sheriff's detectives say they don't want to reveal details of their investigations, but they're working the Fresno County cases hard. They say dairies are considered easy targets. Most are in remote locations, with no neighbors to see the suspects. And many owners leave their homes while it's dark outside.

"You know, when it comes to dairies, you've got different schedules than the traditional day work schedule," said Ryan Jacobsen, the executive director of the Fresno County Farm Bureau. "You've got individuals working at night when the cows are being milked and so there might be a greater susceptibility."

Bos says he's changing some of his habits, like locking the door to his house when he checks on his cows. Some of his neighbors have gone as far as to hire a security guard.

"It changes the whole neighborhood's life," he said. "They're all scared. They're putting in security doors, they're packing guns, putting lights up, fences, dogs, whatever."

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