Suspects sought in murder of Fresno ice cream man

FRESNO, Calif.

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Juan Luna died Saturday at a local hospital. He was shot two weeks ago while selling "Paletas" in Southeast Fresno.

A bullet hole is still in the apartment it hit after striking Luna. The tenant who lived in the unit moved out after the close call.

Co-workers say the complex was part of Luna's regular evening route. Police are not releasing a motive at this time, and say few witnesses are coming forward with information.

Neighbors say the ice cream man was well known in the area. "He's the type of guy that will give you the last dollar in his pocket. If you didn't have money for ice cream he'd still give it to you. He's a really nice man. He's been coming here for years."

Co-workers at the ice cream shop where Luna bought his popsicles everyday say he worked five hours a day ... and on a good day he would earn $25.00.

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