City of Fresno improves online access to employee pay

FRESNO, California

The figures, which were just posted Tuesday afternoon shows the pay of top city officials. For example Fresno City Manager Mark Scott is paid $189 thousand a year. While his pay and that of the Mayor and Police Chief were widely known, this posting came after City Council Member Henry Perea announced an effort to post online, the salaries and benefits of anyone working for the city who made $100 thousand a year or more. "I think the public has the right to know to make sure if they are getting the best bang for their buck." Perea said.

This effort at openness is welcome news to Chris Mathys, a former City Council Member who heads the Valley Taxpayers Coalition. "After all, we are paying for it. The taxpayers have a right to know what government is costing them."

However, the City's new posting lacks some specifics. For example, in order to learn the City Manager also gets $20 thousand a year in deferred compensation, and a $20 thousand a year bonus we had to obtain a copy of his contract from the City Clerk. Perea's proposal will still require more complete and specific information. "Not just to the base pay and the salary range but also to all the perks that are not a part of that base salary."

Perea's proposal will go before the City Council at the end of the month.

In a related development, State Controller John Chiang has ordered all cities and counties in the state to make their top salaries available to his office.

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