Honoring marines overseas while saving lives in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

One Valley mom and her daughter-in-law joined forces to support their marine during his tour to Afghanistan. He's twenty-six year old Sgt. Nick Regini who joined the Marine Corps five years ago. He deployed to south west Afghanistan last October from Camp Pendleton in southern California.

His newlywed wife Kristen came to Fresno to stay with his family. Mother and Daughter-in-Law are a built in support team says Kristen, "It's very hard and challenging but I'm doing good." With a nod to her mother-in-law she added, "This is my other half right here."

Christine Hofmann is committed, like her daughter-in-law, to supporting her son and service members everywhere, "The guys are there and they're the ones who need our support no matter what happens with the government right now."

Sgt. Regini is one of four brothers in a blended family. Kyle Rich is the youngest and another part of his support team, "I know he'll do what he needs to do. And I know he'll come home safe. Because that's just who he is."

Kristen was a weekly blood donor for Camp Pendleton marines and wanted to do the same in Fresno but learned her donations would go to those in need here. So she asked the Central California for an option, "How do I do that and be a part of the Marine Corps and so they set me up." The blood bank came up with a plan to hold a blood drive on August 14th in the Ethan Allen parking lot where Christine works.

A way to honor marines at Camp Dwyer in Afghanistan and help save lives here. Help for others while waiting for Nick to come home. His return is always on their minds, "He's coming home safe. He will be. We pray for him every day." They have an army of friends, family, and church members praying with them.

Christine Hoffman prays for her son and his unit while hoping all of us will take time to think about the thousands of American service members stationed around the world, "They're the ones right there, in the middle of it, on the front lines. And they need our support."

Sgt. Nick Regini is due home this fall. His entire extended family expects to be there to greet him.

You can find a link to my Military Blog, "The Red, White and True" on our ABC30 website and clicking on See It on TV. That's where those in military service with ties to the Central Valley offer their experience and photos of serving their country. Their families, friends, others add another window into those who voluntarily serve us all.

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