Local Reaction to Prop 8 Ruling

FRESNO, Calif.

Organizer Jason Scott said, "I'm ecstatic about the ruling. We've been waiting years to see a court decision come down in our favor."

But Pastor Jim Franklin, a vocal opponent of same sex marriage is not happy. "It's a sad day for the people of California the arrogance of one activist judge that would override the will of the people. We've had seven million in the last election plus that voted for this. "

Franklin says the ruling is another example of federal interference in state's rights. "The question I'm getting now, is does our votes count?"

Both sides have held rallies at Fresno City Hall. Supporters of same sex marriage will be back tonight.

"Well tonight we weren't sure if we would be having a protest or celebration tonight. So, we've been setting up for both ways. But now we know it's a celebration so that's going to be great," said Scott.

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