Local tea partiers plan to prevent voter fraud

FRESNO, Calif.

The crowd was urged to take action to stop what organizers claim is widespread voter fraud in the Central Valley, especially with absentee ballots.

Steve Brandau said, "In the three weeks prior to the election we need you to go down where the absentee ballots come in and check signatures. That's one job. How many of you have heard what problem absentee ballots are?"

Tea party activist Brandau believes voter fraud is a real problem. "The bad guys are doing too much stuff to steal elections and we want to put an end to that."

Reporter: "Who's stealing elections?"

"I don't want to name names because then you get into trouble," said Brandau.

Orange Cove city council member Glenda Hill told the crowd absentee ballot fraud is a problem in her town. "Whenever the ballot comes to the homes there's a group of people that's organized, come to the homes and assist them and either tell them how to vote."

The County Clerk's office has investigated voter fraud claims in Orange Cove. There is one current case of voter fraud in Fresno County. A campaign volunteer was recently charged with falsifying signatures on nominating petitions of two Fresno candidates. But the people at this meeting are being told it's a big problem, and they are being urged to act.

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