Special travel arrangement gets puppies to new home

FRESNO, Calif.

A Southern California rescue shelter flew to their rescue Saturday. This plane offers new life for a litter of pups that don't even have names yet. But who needs a name with a face like this.

These five female beagle puppies were only two weeks old when they were discarded outside the Porterville animal shelter six weeks ago.

"It is a very common thing. People just drop them off all the time and they don't even bother to come in. They'll leave them in a crate," said Shannon Corbit, a volunteer with the animal rescue group in town.

Corbit said these pups would have been put down at the shelter because they could not eat on their own so she took them in. "They are doing healthy now. They are almost 9 weeks old."

The life span of a disowned dog in the Central Valley is grim once it becomes property of a shelter.

Euthanization is common place for keeping animal populations down, on average one dog or cat is euthanized every day in Tulare county.

Corbit's primary job is to prevent that fate by finding adoptive homes. "We had a lot of dogs going out to Washington and different places and I had beagles and buddies on my contact list," she said.

Beagles and Buddies rescue shelter from Southern California flew in without hesitation.

"First time for Porterville. this is about our 6 or 7th dog transport flight. We've gone up to about 400 miles to pick up dogs and bring them back," said Patrick Alsup, a member of Beagles and Buddies, who flew in with his wife Theresa.

Once these cutie little puppies get on the airplane they have a hour long trip to El Monte. Once there the organizers of Beagles and Buddies says it will take about a week to get them adopted.

On Saturday's flight there was room for one more.

This year old male beagle was wondering the streets not long ago. "He came in at the right time and is hitching a ride with the airplane."

Corbit admitted this is a happy ending most animals will never see. Her group plans to host a fair in Fall to educate residents about spaying and neutering.

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