Levi Johnston talks breakup at teen awards

LOS ANGELES Johnston, 20, recently made headlines when his engagement to /*Bristol Palin*/, the daughter of former Alaska Gov. /*Sarah Palin*/, was abruptly called off - again.

Palin told People Magazine that she had been played by /*Johnston*/ and he was obsessed with the limelight.

Johnston commented on the breakup while walking the red carpet with singer Brittani Senser.

"When I'm in town, we hang out. We're doing great. I talk to her every day. We keep in touch. So, even with us broken off, you know, it's like we're together," Johnston said. "We found a way to kind of work with each other. Things are going good."

When asked what caused the breakup Johnston refused to answer, but he said /*media*/ pressure played a major role.

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