Tulare County furlough schedules

FRESNO, California

The furloughs were approved last month. They call for employees to take 40 hours off for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. Each county department came up with its own plan.

RMA General Services Administration & Property Management: Offices will close on Fridays from Aug. 13 to Oct. 15

RMA Roads: Offices will close on Fridays from Oct. 15 to Nov. 12

RMA Building Inspection - Porterville Office: Offices will close on Fridays from Nov. 12 to Dec. 17

Assessor's Office: Offices will close Nov. 22-24 and Dec. 22-23

Library: Closed on Nov. 24, Dec. 20-23, Dec. 28, and Dec. 31

Elections Office: Closed Fridays from Aug. 13 to Oct. 8.

The following departments will be closed from Dec. 27-31, 2010: Board of Supervisors, Child Support, Cooperative Extension, County Administrative Office, County Counsel, Human Resources, IHSS Public Authority, Workforce Investment Board, General Services-Parks, Lakes & Museum, Law Library, Agricultural Commissioner - Sealer of Weights and Measures.

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