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FRESNO, Calif.

A judge in Sacramento rejected a motion to dismiss the case by Olivera Egg Farm. The egg farm is outside of Stockton and has more than 700,000 chickens in cages at its facility.

The Humane Society of the United States filed the suit on behalf of the farm's neighbors, claiming the farm has been allowed to avoid state and federal environmental laws governing air pollution. It says the farm's 16-and-a-half acre manure pond emits unhealthy levels of ammonia into the air, which burns residents' eyes and is a nuisance.

A lawyer for the farm did not return a call seeking comment.

A bumper crop of farmers markets have sprouted up nationwide.

The U.S.D.A. says there are now more than 6,100 farmers markets across the country. That's a 16-percent increase from last year.

California has more farmers markets than any other state. We have 580 markets in our state. New York follows with 461, and Illinois with 286.

There are nearly 16-billion reasons why crops play an important role in California's economy.

A study conducted by the center for small business at sac state and the "California Grown" program looks at the financial impact of California's specialty crops. They included a number of fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products, wine and cut flowers.

It found California's specialty crops generate nearly $16-billion dollars each year, creating revenue, taxes and job growth for the Golden State.

New dietary guidelines say you should make sure you're seeing red.

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines set for release single out the value of "red" vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes to reduce obesity and chronic diseases in America. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee points out you should eat a variety of colorful foods to protect against illness.

The committee says tomato products are an excellent source of vitamin c, potassium, fiber and the powerful antioxidant, lycopene.

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