Judge keeps gay marriages in California on hold

FRESNO, California

They're asking the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals to step in and take action before gay couples are allowed to get marriage licenses. Judge Vaughn walker's decision to allow new gay marriages to take place next week in California comes with only one catch. Supporters of Prop 8 still have a chance to stop it.

Fred Vanderhoof is with the Central Valley Strategic Forum, which helped fund the push to ban same sex marriage. He believes the judge's deadline of August 18th puts too much pressure on the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals to act quickly.

"So we just feel it's being pushed on the fast track. And this is example of tyranny. This is what our founders talked about. Franklin. Jefferson. Madison." said Vanderhoof.

In San Francisco gay marriage supporters cheered on the steps of city hall when Judge Walker's decision was announced. But the celebration died down moments later upon the news that he also gave their opponents almost a week to get a higher court to intervene.

Jerry Thurston is the president of Straight Advocates for Equality in the valley. They are a heterosexual group that supports gay marriage. Thurston had hoped the stay order would have been lifted permanently, but says he understands the decision.

"I think he really knows what he's doing in trying to make sure, not out of fear of making a mistake but making sure that he's doing things properly so that precedent can be set if precedent is appropriate." said Thurston.

If the same sex marriages are allowed the Fresno County Clerk's Office says it will issue the licenses but not on the 18th because they close at 5PM. Instead it'll be open on Thursday.

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