Bell council votes to lower property taxes

BELL, Calif. A state audit had revealed that the city overcharged residents more than $3 million over the last three years to cover pension obligations.

Bell's city council meeting turned rowdy when a huge crowd demanded city leaders resign over the ongoing salary scandal.

The dysfunction hit a high note when a man in a clown suit began doing stand-up comedy.

"Does anyone know what the difference is between a rattlesnake and an attorney?" the man quipped.

Bell residents were also upset that Monday's meeting was held in council chambers, a room that does not accommodate many people. Some residents felt like they were being pushed out of the meeting.

The scandal in Bell began when reports surfaced that city leaders were making abnormally high salaries.

Former City Manager Robert Rizzo, who was earning $800,000, and Bell Police Chief Randy Adams, who was earning $450,000, resigned in July amidst public outrage.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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