Marie Osmond Answers

FRESNO, Calif.

Marie Osmond will be the Keynote Speaker at the
Central California Women's Conference -- Tuesday, September 14, 2010
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1. Vegas -- What is your favorite part of doing the show in Vegas?

I love the connection with the audience.  I'm a "people person", just like my parents were.  When I look out at our audience, who are people from all walks of life, I always hope that our show can make them smile and forget their own troubles for a couple of hours.  It's the reason I'm still an entertainer. 

2. Career -- Of your three current 'jobs' (entertainer, nutriSystem spokesperson and doll maker)..  what does each bring to your life?  And what other career would you like to add to the list?

I'm at a place in my life where I only want to invest my time and energy into efforts that help the lives of other women. I would rather think about what my career might bring to others, than what each aspect of my career brings to mine. As the only girl in a family of nine kids, I grew up without a sister.  However, I had an amazing mother, who taught me the blessings in being female.  Women can and do change the course of the world. My favorite and most important job is in being a mother.  As an entertainer, my hope is to bring happiness.  As a doll, jewelry, and fabric bag designer, I hope to create things that help women to love their surroundings at home and love the way they look when they go out. I am a spokesperson for Nutrisystem because I feel so much better now, after losing fifty pounds, and I'm healthier at my current weight.  I want women to know that it's not about being "skinny," it's about being healthy enough to be able to do those things that matter most to you.  As far as other careers, I already have a full list of "other":  co-founder of Children's Miracle Network, public speaker, author and recording artist.   I'm always willing to consider all possibilities when it comes to new ventures.  That's how I've always looked at life.  I'm interested in so many things.  I could definitely be a career student. 

3. Body/health -- With so many women struggling with body issues, what advice do you have for those trying to find a balance between loving their bodies as they are and working hard to be fit/healthy?

I would love it if this next generation of girls could reach adulthood with far less body issues than prior generations of women.  The images in the media, of women as beautiful only if they are tall, slender models, are totally unrealistic for 99 percent of us.  God didn't create one color or type of flower.  We aren't meant to all be the same size.  Women should begin with gratitude for our bodies.  They work hard for us.  Treat your body well and drop the harsh self-criticism. 

4. Family -- What has been your biggest challenge in raising your (large) family… and how have you managed?

The biggest challenge for me in raising my children is a question of time.  As a single, working mom, I've always had to support my family, which means hours away from home almost every day.  That's the life of many, many families in our society now, so I know it's difficult for many other women, too.  I'm very grateful that I can take my children to the show with me.  My four younger ones each take turns going with me and "hanging out" in my dressing room before the show.  We have one-to-one talks in that hour when I do my stage makeup and hair. Sundays and Mondays are set aside for family time, where we eat meals at the table and have activities that we choose to do together.  I also have great female friends who have helped me "mother" when I couldn't be there.  It's the greatest gift we, as women, can give to each other.

5. Book -- in 'Might as Well Laugh About it Now' you give advice on how to get through life's trying times …  What can you tell us about the new book you're working on?

The next book is on motherhood and thoughts about what it means to be a woman and a mom in today's culture.  Most of the chapters are inspired by thoughts my mother shared with me while I was growing up that had a lasting wisdom that I've tried to apply to my life as a woman and a mom.

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