Bulldog fans enthused about move to Mountain West

FRESNO, Calif.

Kenny Kinnersley said, "Actually I think it's a really big deal. A lot of better teams are gonna come to Fresno. I buy season tickets every year and I'm gonna be really excited to go to these games."

Thippy Khamsiri saw it as a real benefit to the school and the community." We're moving to Mountain West that's going to open up more opportunities for better teams to come here. Which means people are going to want to come to more games, more revenue."

That's what the university, and it's boosters like Pat Ricchuti, a member of the Bulldog Foundation, are hoping for. A shot in the arm for a program that's seen a dip in fan support. "It's tremendous, it's a great opportunity for the community. For the university, we're just going to thrive with this, and grow from it and go forward and look forward to that next level and fill the seats." Ricchuiti said.

And, ultimately Bulldog Foundation member Nick Dvorak says, the hope is, this move will move Fresno State a bit closer to the big time.

"My personal opinion is having been here when we went from the Big West to the WAC, the WAC has now morphed back into the Big West, and any move we can make upward and forward is gonna be good for us because in order for us to be in the mix the next time you need to be in as strong a conference as you can be in."

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