School Backs Down, Allows Breast Cancer Wrist Bands

FRESNO, Calif.

Hoover High Freshman Danny Fischer says his was confiscated by the school principal. His Dad, Scott asked the principal for an explanation.

"He said they were degrading to women, and a lot of the women thought they were degrading to them."

But the wristbands are part of a nationwide campaign against breast cancer, and Danny says he had a good reason for wearing one. "Because my grandma died from it."

About 30 wristbands were confiscated. Those we spoke with on campus, like student Ke'Wands Briggs thought it wasn't right.

"My thinking is we should be able to wear them because it's about cancer and we're helping people that have cancer."

There's no doubt the word can generate snickers, or offense. Kirk Psenner sells the wrist bands, and "I Love Boobies" T-Shirts at his shop in River Park.

"At first I got a few shaken heads about the word Boobies overall in two weeks, these things are flying out." He said.

Psenner is turning over all the proceeds from his sales to the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. So far, he says he's raised ten thousand dollars. Felicia Esqueda heard about the controversy and came in to buy a shirt.

"My aunt just had a double mastectomy on Thursday, her breast cancer came back and I just want to support the cause because it's very important."

Cancer Society Organizer and breast cancer survivor Joan Minasian understands the schools concerns, but thinks the campaign is good.

"I think it's their way of just targeting a younger market to begin thinking in terms of the importance of taking care of our bodies."

The school district has agreed. The confiscated wrist bands have been returned, and written statement from Fresno Unified reads:

"Students are allowed to wear the bracelets as they are not a violation of the district/site dress code. In fact, many of our school sites already participate in cancer awareness activities."

The school district's liberal policy may be put to the test though if students show up wearing the "I Love Boobies T-Shirts."

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