Extreme temperatures affect Central Valley Athletes

FRESNO, Calif.

The temperature still hovered at 100 degrees when Hoover High School football players began their drills. As temperatures rose in the afternoon hours, the district also kept kids inside and off the courts at Fresno elementary schools.

But Clovis Unified took a different approach. Clovis West football players battled it out as usual, with plenty of water nearby. "If you love football, the heat doesn't really matter. You just got to block it out and do the best you can out here. It's hot, but you got to get through it," said junior Sean Morris.

Fresno's Faron Reed also took the heat in stride. He returned to Woodward Park for the second time Tuesday and incorporated the heat into his training. In October, he'll be competing in his 31st Iron Man triathalon in Hawaii. "It's six o'clock here, so it's three o'clock there. That's about the time I'll be running in Hawaii. It's a lot hotter here but it's so much more humid there, so I'm just trying to get acclimated to the heat," said Reed.

The heat also wasn't enough to spoil a game of tennis at Copper River Country Club. "You get used to it. You do get used to it, believe it or not ... I don't really find it that bad," said Brian O'Farrell.

Fresno physician Dr. William Ebbeling doesn't recommend any outdoor exercise in the triple digit heat. He said once the temperature reached one hundred degrees, the activity puts you at a moderately severe risk. Dr. Ebbeling said things will only be worse Wednesday, when higher temperatures and poorer air quality are expected.

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