The Pink approach to battling breast cancer

FRESNO, Calif.

Mary Lozano and Cynthia Chapman Manuszak are neighbors but it was breast cancer that drew them together. Mary is a cancer patient ... Cynthia is a photographer. Mary said, "I said, 'You want to take a picture of me with no hair?' and she said, 'yes I feel like I can't do anything for you and I feel so helpless ... so I would at least like to do that for you.'"

Cynthia posed Mary with her husband Carlos ... Mary was so impressed with the photograph she wondered if Cynthia could take pictures of other breast cancer survivors and have an art show. And ultimately raise money for breast cancer patients.

Mary said, "She came knocking on my door the next day and she said, 'we're gonna do it ... we're gonna call it the Pink Show.'"

Cynthia Chapman Manuszak said, "I just thought she was so strong. She walked without a wig or a hat and she looked beautiful and I could just feel the strength from her."

For five years, Mary and Cynthia have brought dozens of breast cancer survivors and their families and friends together for The Pink Show. They've snapped pictures together ... laughed together ... and sometimes cried together. In January of this year, Mary Lozano's breast cancer re-appeared ... it is now stage four and inoperable. Nevertheless, Mary has plans to attend the Pink Show at the Tower Theatre in October and do whatever she can to help others as long as she can.

Mary Lozano: "I will comfort ... I will counsel ... I will do whatever I can to help anybody in a situation like this or their families that are confused and upset and don't know where to turn."

As for Cynthia, her attachment to pink is permanent. "I love The Pink Show ... I really think The Pink Show has been a light for a lot of people."

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