Governor made unannounced visit to Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

The governor sounded an optimistic note predicting a deal on the budget is near. The governor also defended his plans to take a trip to Asia next month and said he's too busy to endorse any of the candidates for his job.

The Governor looked like one of the guys. Having lunch, chatting on his cell phone and visiting the friends, he sees whenever he comes to town.

"I always of course get together with the Zinkins. You know Harold Zinkin who passed away a few years ago. His children and his grandchildren, we're all one family," Governor Schwarzenegger said.

The Governor was in a friendly mood. He linked a picture of his Fresno CHP escorts on his Twitter page. And, in a tweet posted while he was having lunch, he urged his followers to check out his opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.

In it he calls for reform of the state pension system. Something he likes to talk about.

"All of that money that we're paying for public pensions , public employees is being taken away from parks, law enforcement, high schools, kindergarten through 12th, higher education all of those programs, it's crowding out those things," Governor Schwarzenegger said.

As a result Schwarzenegger says he's too busy to think about endorsing one of his potential successors, Republican Meg Whitman, or Democrat Jerry Brown.

"I'm not endorsing anyone I'm just trying to take care of my responsibility. Which is going to get the budget reform, to get the budget in and also to get pension reform so that we live within our means," Governor Schwarzenegger said.

The governor wants pension reform included in any budget they pass. And while there are no signs of progress in the legislature, the governor sounded optimistic.

"The key thing is just to navigate through all of those obstacles but I think we have a good shot of getting it done very soon," Governor Schwarzenegger said.

The Governor is confident enough to be leaving the state. He's going on a trade mission trip to Asia in less than two weeks.

"If there is inaction in the legislature that doesn't mean there should be inaction in the Governor's office . I should continue my work. I've handed in my budget on May 14th. I've been there negotiating. I've not taken any vacation. I will not take a vacation until I'm finished with this job. I'm going to go on pushing for economic stimulus. A trade mission means you go out there and sell California," Governor Schwarzenegger said.

The Governor has just a few months left in office his star powered popularity has sagged a bit, but, he's still loved in Fresno.

From Fresno the governor is headed to LA, according to his twitter page, he'll be on a late night talk show there Friday night.

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