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FRESNO, Calif.

The idea comes after a nationwide recall of hundreds of millions of eggs. None of the recalled eggs came from New York.

The legislators say vaccinations costing one penny per dozen eggs could nearly eliminate the more than 100,000 salmonella cases each year in the U.S. if all states had such a law.

They plan to formally introduce the legislation this week.

Meatpackers, feeders and hundreds of ranchers from around the country have been meeting in Colorado to discuss proposed antitrust rules for meat companies. The rules lower the bar that farmers and ranchers must meet to sue meat companies they say demand unfairly low prices.

Right now, farmers must prove a company is harming competition in the industry. But under the new rules, farmers only need to show the company is engaged in deceptive practices.

The Farmers' Almanac is predicting a "kinder and gentler" winter this year.

The people behind the 194-year-old publication have been eyeing the skies, tidal action and sunspots. They say it'll be cold but nothing like last winter, when 49 states saw snow and it got so cold in Florida that iguanas fell out of trees.

The farmers' almanac claims 80 to 85 percent accuracy. It bases its predictions on a secret mathematical formula using the position of the planets, tidal action of the moon and sunspots.

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