Fresno 18 and over events under scrutiny

FRESNO, Calif.

An 18 year-old drunk driver and her two friends involved in the accident had been at an 18 and over nightclub before the crash.

And since then, the city has gone after some of these clubs while giving the green light to other events.

"Well, we do have a big segregation as you can see. There's a big fence, with a three foot fence in between, with security roaming."

Event promoter Steven carter shows off the security measures he had put in place for Friday's 18 and over concert inside Chukchansi Park's Tecate Cantina in Downtown Fresno.

Alcohol is being served at the event and by the end of the night, Carter expects about 600 people in attendance, half of them underage.

"For the 21 and over, we have wristbands, certain cups that we use for the 21 and over side with the bar and certain cups we use for the dry bar."

Eighteen and over events throughout Fresno have received intense scrutiny lately.

About two weeks ago, city officials told both Palominos and Starline in the Tower District to stop allowing underage patrons inside during late hours because they do not have the proper permits to do so.

"From a business point of view, it's been devastating. 50 percent of our business is gone."

Assistant city manager Bruce Rudd says while the city is paying closer attention to 18 and over venues, their idea is not to shut them down.

Prior to Friday night's concert at Chukchansi Park, the city hosted a rib cook off last weekend in Eaton Plaza.

People of all ages attended and those 21 and up were allowed to walk around with alcohol.

Rudd says, to get the city's approval on 18 and over events, it all comes down to following proper procedure.

"There are 18 and over venues still happening in town. The city of Fresno is not cracking down on restaurants or promoters or club operations. We're just saying you need to pay attention to your cup and adhere to it."

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