Bishop shot and killed at Mormon church in Visalia

FRESNO, Calif.

Minutes later Police responded to an shooting on Burrel and Divisadero.

Police say the victim is 42-year-old Bishop Clay Sanner. Several congregants gathered outside the church mourning the loss and in complete shock.

Two witnesses say that they saw the suspect walk into the Bishops office, engaged in conversation and opened fire on him.

That suspect then took off in a car that was parked outside, drove about a mile, then called police. He told police where he was and when police showed up the suspect opened fire, police returned fire injuring him.

He was wounded in the street and was taken to a nearby hospital. We were not able to ascertain his condition, and police don't have any idea what the motive could be.

Sanner had been working as a Bishop at the church for about 4 months as a volunteer, getting no pay.

We understand he is a family man, he has a wife and six children. His latest child was born just months ago. We will have updates to this story as soon as information become available.

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