Victims of Hurricane Katrina remembered 5 years later


A healing ceremony and march are also planned in the city's lower ninth ward.

A jazz funeral for Katrina, inside the coffin, notes, cards and letters written by victims of the hurricane pouring out their memories, anger, grief and frustrations and laying them to rest five years after the monster storm devastated New Orleans and the surrounding gulf coast.

"I think about it every day but its getting better" But the haunting images of human suffering remain with us.

"I've never been through nothing like this in my life."

"We want help, we want help."

"It's anarchy. It's crazy. I've never seen anything like it."

Over 1,600 people died. The lives of those who survived changed forever.

"It's human destruction. Their souls are gone."

But, years of hard work and tens of billions of dollars later.

"Things are much better than they were five years ago. we really have focused on rebuilding and restoring and now we are moving onto the next chapter," Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Luanne Dozier said.

The healing continues, "it's going to require the attention of this country for a long period of time."

President Barack Obama is expected to reaffirm that commitment during his visit to New Orleans Sunday.

Reassuring a city and region that is still scared by a mammoth disaster and whose economy and way of life is under attack again after more than 200 million gallons of oil spilled from a BP well onto gulf coast beaches.

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