Kings County man allegedly tortures girlfriend over Facebook post

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators say it all started with a few strokes on a keyboard. 37-year-old Anthony Lozano faces multiple felony charges after being arrested this weekend.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the web. And Kings County deputies say a seemingly innocent message posted on the victim's Facebook page turned her boyfriend into a violent abuser.

Investigators say 37-year-old Anthony Lozano flew into a jealous rage after seeing another man's message on his girlfriend's Facebook page.

"The victim vehemently stated that the communication was nothing more than a friend saying hello to each other," said Kings County Sheriff Chris Jordan.

But detectives say Lozano didn't believe his girlfriend and instead tortured her for several days.

"Repeatedly hit her pulled her hair. Tied her up, jabbed her with an aluminum baseball bat. Threatened to kill her and would not allow her to leave the residence," said Jordan.

The woman's ordeal didn't end until Lozano left the house Saturday. That's when the battered and bruised 23-year-old escaped and ran to her relatives house nearby to call 911. Deputies caught Lozano a short time later with the victim's help.

"I wanted to throw up. Who does that." said next door neighbor Rachael Pepe.

Pepe says in the past she's had to call the cops because of screaming and shouting coming from the house. But Pepe never imagined such a sinister crime could happen just one house away.

"I didn't know that it was this bad because you know you find out someone's been held captive 50-75 feet away from your home it's very upsetting I feel horrible." Pepe added.

The couple shared this home with their two kids ages 12 and three. Investigators say they were not in the room where the violence took place.

Kings County Sheriff Chris Jordan says he's never seen Facebook be the cause of a violent crime let alone an abusive one.

Lozano sits in the Kings County jail and faces multiple felony counts including torture, spousal abuse and false imprisonment.

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