Craigslist claims created for legitimate adult businesses

FRESNO, Calif.

Those seeking adult services on the popular classifieds website will find the word "censored" instead.

Attorneys General from 17 states banded together and wrote a joint letter to the website late last month calling for the removal of the section. In it, they accused the site of profiting from "the suffering of women and children who continue to be victimized by Craigslist."

Over a number of years we've persuaded Craigslist to take action, eliminating prostitution ads, and fortunately now it's done the right thing voluntarily," Connecticut Attorney General Richard Bloomenthal said.

Craigslist has been linked to several scandals most famously Philip Markoff, the so-called "Craigslist killer."

The infamous section was expected to generate $45 million this year about a third of the site's total profits.

Craigslist claims it was created for legitimate adult businesses, but critics consider the section a thinly veiled clearing house for prostitution.

"We're looking at Craigslist as the Wal-Mart of online sex trafficking of minors, it is where the majority of young people we've assisted have been exploited," the Executive Director of FAIR Fund Andrea Powell said.

ABC's David Wright recently talked to a 20 year old who says she was forcedto work as a teenage sex slave by pimps who advertised her on Craigslist.

"A typical ad would say, sexy teen girl, if you want to have some fun, Iappreciate 150 red roses per hour."

We found similar ads on Craigslist posted in Toronto as recently as this afternoon like this one from "busty and sexy." She advertises "when you come over to my place, you are going to have the good time of your life."

Craigslist only removed "adult services" content from their American sites that's where we found several postings from people like AnnessaRose who wondered "Where should I post now?"

Craigslist officials could not be reached for comment, and they have not released a statement so we don't know if the ads are gone for good or just for now.

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