Protest turns violent in Los Angeles


Demonstrators were upset over the fatal police shooting of a Guatemalan immigrant.

The protest started as a peaceful event earlier in the evening. But the LAPD says several protesters in the Macarthur Park Neighborhood started throwing bottles at officers and set trash cans on fire.

Hundreds of people gathered to protest against the LAPD after an officer shot and killed 37-year-old Manuel Jamines over the weekend. People who turned out Monday night say fatal force didn't have to be used. But the department says Jamines lunged at officers on Sunday with a knife, prompting the shooting.

"The officers acted in self defense so when the gentleman launched at the officers with a knife -- so it's unfortunate. We're here to provide as many facts as we can to the members of the community," said Capt. Rigo Romero with the Los Angeles Police Department.

The officer who shot and killed Jamines on Sunday is now on administrative leave during an investigation.

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