10-year-old killed in ATV vs. car accident near Corcoran


The boy was on an ATV when he crossed the road into the path of a pickup truck.

"He said he never saw the young man until the impact. He said truly all he saw was his helmet when he was right in front of his vehicle," said Bryan Savage with the CHP.

The 10-year-old boy was killed instantly. A passenger in the pickup was injured when it swerved into a power pole knocking down lines for half a mile in each direction.

The boy had been riding along a canal bank just ahead of his brother when he entered the roadway.

Neighbor Penny Collins said it's a popular place for AVT and motorcycle riders. "They cross this main highway to come out and ride their motorcycles and they usually don't stop"

Collins said she feared the combination of off road vehicles and a busy road would lead to tragedy. "I knew this was gonna happen. I didn't know it would be this close to my house but I knew it was gonna happen on this street."

The impact occurred just a few houses down. The first neighbors on the scene said it was horrible. The boy and his brother were familiar with the area they were riding from one of their grandmother's home to see another grandma who lived nearby when this happened. The driver of the pickup which hit the boy was not hurt but was in shock after the accident. The CHP says there is no evidence of negligence on his part.

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