Fresno Co. Sheriff's identify home invasion suspect


It all started Wednesday night when police officers in Parlier tried to pull over a car for a traffic stop. The driver refused to stop and took officers through a pursuit that ended in Fresno County.

He managed to ditch his car and escape. But when officers looked inside his car, they say they found a bullet proof vest and ammunition.

Officers ran the license plate and traced the car to a man named Eduardo Tienda and a home on fourth near Mendocino in Parlier. Officers believe Tienda lives at the home and could be tied to several home invasions in recent weeks.

That prompted them to call the Fresno County Sheriff's Office for back-up and to conduct a search warrant. The Sheriff's Department says they need to be careful in situations like this.

"When we encounter a vehicle, someone running form police, someone in a confrontation with police, anything of that nature and we encounter a bulletproof vest and firearms, that's a bad combination. It puts us on guard," said Sgt. John Reynolds with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

If you have any information on Tienda's whereabouts you're asked to call the Sheriff's office.

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