Madera Court considers 3 counties for Navarra trial

MADERA, Calif.

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18-year-old /*Brittany Navarra*/ is accused of convincing /*Dustin Gran*/ to murder her romantic rival, /*Krista Pike*/, in 2008. Last month a judge ruled Navarra cannot get a fair trial from Madera County residents because too many of them know too much about the case. The court recommended the trial be moved to Merced, Tulare, or Stanislaus counties. But the defense attorney says other options outside of this media market need to be considered.

Defense Attorney, Steve Geringer said, "We want to make sure she has a fair trial and we want to make sure we can pick a fair jury, and we still have a question of whether that can be done in any of the three counties that have been recommended."

The judge agreed to have another hearing in November before deciding where the trial will be moved.

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