Driver kills one man and severs another man's right arm

FRESNO, Calif.

Police struggled to take the driver into custody. Those two victims are in their late forties. Their names have not been released.

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Police were forced to use a non-lethal weapon to stop the driver from threatening witnesses.

Fresno Police shot the driver of this dark colored BMW with three to five bean bags. "They shot a couple of rounds of bean bags at him but it didn't do anything to him. He just kept on walking and there were a couple of people walking and he threw beer bottles at them," said Jose Lopez.

Lopez said he saw the driver headed southbound on Parkway when he crashed into a man on a bike killing him.

"His body went up in the air. It was awful. You could see it. This guy right here, the second guy, he saw the car coming so he tried to get out of the way but that car was coming too fast, out of control," Lopez said.

That second man may lose his right arm.

Sgt. John Jensen said when police approached the driver he had a broken beer bottle in his hand. "The suspect continued to wave the broken glass and then took off running throwing additional glass beer bottles at pedestrians."

Jensen said once the driver was in custody he continued to fight. EMS crews were forced to restrain him.

The driver's name has not been released. He is in his late 30s. He was taken to Community Regional Medical Center.

Once released he will face vehicular manslaughter charges.

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