Times Square's naked cowboy runs for president

And if you don't think he's serious, check out his new presidential look.

Hard to believe that's the half naked tourist magnet of Times Square minus the hair. Don't let the underwear puns fool you. "Cause I like to keep things brief."

Robert Burke has a degree in political science from the University of Cincinnati. He wouldn't be the first cowboy president and he's already run for mayor of New York.

"Cause no one's ever done more with less than me," Burke said. "If I can literally build a global brand with a pair of underwear, boots and hat, think what I can do for the city of New York."

What he did was drop out of the race, fed up with the red tape and a $250 fine he had to pay for failing to file a required form.

Except in his attire, he's a conservative. "Unapologetic commitment to our borders, our language and our culture. Wow."

Confirmation that he's running came on celebrity-chasing TMZ. He scheduled a press conference but when almost no one showed up it was rescheduled.

Only they got the month wrong on the naked cowboy's web site, and had to correct it.

Back in the '08 campaign there were designer Obama underwear. But no one's ever actually run for president in their underwear and his campaign manager says the naked cowboy will not be campaigning in his undies.

At least no one will ever have to ask the naked cowboy this question, "is it boxers or briefs?"

Now the guy who used to walk into a parking garage to change in his car and come out dressed in his tighty whiteys is hanging up his briefs, at least while campaigning.

Vote for the naked cowboy, "for a real change" of underwear. "Coming to a town near you."

"Don't touch the squishy parts."

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