Fresno State to Learn From Ole Miss Loss

Fresno, CA

"It's hard to explain it this way but 45 plays accounted for 82 yards, 15 for 477," said Coach Hill. "Those don't always show up when you play against teams that don't have big-play capability players. These guys had several players that had outstanding ability."

Still, Coach Hill stressed that his players were just as responsible for the way Saturday's game slipped away from them, especially in the second quarter.

"I thought our kids really battled back," Coach Hill said. "We clawed our way back within 10. But it goes back to the second quarter. We had two huge opportunities that we came away with no points. And I think at that time that might have stemmed the game a little bit in our favor but we weren't able to do it."

And now the Bulldogs have a lot to correct before Saturday's home matchup against Cal Poly, the first meeting between the two teams since 1985. The Mustangs may be an FCS school, but Coach Hill is getting ready for real test.

"I'll tell you what: The way they'll play Saturday night we'll get a great shot from them I guarantee you," said Coach Hill. "There will be guys flying at our ankles chop blocks, cuts, it will be coming fast. We've got Tuesday and Wednesday really to work against it full speed. So we've got to get to work."

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