9-24 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The African Reporting Project looks at global food issues, agriculture and agricultural history in Africa.

Friday the group will be touring Clovis East High School's agricultural facilities and educational programs and Fresno State's ag operations.

The group hopes to learn how best to educate young people in the ag industry.

Friday, the president of the United Farm Workers Union and Comedian Stephen Colbert will urge congress to pass immigration reform.

Colbert recently spent a day picking crops after accepting a challenge from the UFW. It was to prove wrong the theory illegal immigrants take away American jobs.

In June, the UFW launched its national "Take Our Jobs" campaign, inviting U.S. citizens and legal residents to replace immigrant field laborers.

The UFW says only seven people took up the offer to take a job in agriculture.

There is a bitter divide between churches and wineries in the rolling hills of southern California.

Wineries in Temecula fear a push to allow more churches will crush their business. Officials in Riverside County plan to vote in early November whether to recommend approval of a plan that would allow religious groups to build in the wine country.

Winemakers fear more churches would hurt views, limit wine sales and cause conflicts between agriculture and congregations. But at least one minister says the current zoning rules violate a federal law prohibiting government discrimination against religious institutions.

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