9-23 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Capitol Press reports, officials from both agencies visited the central valley earlier this week to call attention to resource-conservation projects on farmland. The group wanted to look for new ways to help farmers combine technology with farming practices to reduce carbon emissions, conserve energy and promote wildlife while also preserving their bottom lines.

They also called attention to dairy owners who've built methane digesters to produce electricity but have faced a permitting process that can take 18-months and run into huge costs.

The EPA says it intends to help pay for finding a standardized regulatory solution for digesters

A research grant will help reduce salts in waste water.

The National Grape & Wine Industry says wastewater salinity is becoming a major impediment to the growth and expansion of wine making and food processing in California

California-Ag-Net reports, the NGWI is getting $450,000 dollars for three years from the California Department of Food & Agriculture and the federal government. The money will go towards a research project to develop green chemistry and cleaning processes to reduce salts in the waste stream.

The NGWI says the Gallo Winery and Wawona Frozen Foods in Clovis will host the research.

Wine grape growers are worried about the late development of their crop.

The crop is two weeks to a month later than average. The cool weather has slowed the grapes sugar level development.

Rain last weekend didn't cause significant damage, but it reminds farmers what additional storms could do.

Farmers say the grapes have the promise of a great vintage if they can be picked before winter weather arrives.

Forget about hot dogs, ballparks are going for California grapes.

The California Farmer reports, ballparks across the country are having promotions for grapes with celebrity chef and food network star, Tyler Florence. The promotions are part of a project to give baseball fans a healthy option and increase sales of fresh California grapes at sporting events.

"Grapes from California" days have been held at baseball stadiums in Los Angeles, Baltimore, San Francisco and St. Louis. It will wrap up in Toronto on Friday.

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