Visalia brothers produce movie "Like Dandelion Dust"

FRESNO, Calif.

In the movie "Like Dandelion Dust" Mira Sorvino and Barry Pepper play a couple fighting to get back their now-7-year-old son who was given up for adoption as a baby.

"On the first visit we're going to tell Joey the Porters are just friends the next time we'll refer to them as the other mommy and daddy and on the final visit he'll be told the truth."

The movie takes audiences on an emotional ride of sacrificial love.

The producers, brothers Kevin and Bobby Downes, live in Visalia.

"Anybody that's a child of a parent or you're a parent and that pretty much includes everybody on the planet-- will resonate with this story," Bobby Downes said.

For Kevin Downes, producing "Like Dandelion Dust" has left a lasting impact.

During production, Downes and his wife were inspired to adopt a boy from Haiti.

After the devastating earthquake hit Haiti in January, Action News was there as the Downes family returned from Haiti with then-18-month old Benicio.

"Which I can relate because it kind of goes to my story to Benicio and Haiti and right after the earthquake and what were the steps I was willing to do to save my own son for a 48-72 hour period I was thinking my goodness am I never going to see my son again," Kevin Downes said.

The movie has already won more than 30 awards at film festivals across the country.

Like Dandelion Dust will only be playing in two theaters in the Cenral Valley including at the Regal Cinemas in Downtown Visalia. Bobby and Kevin were at the movie Friday night to talk to audience members about the movie.

"And when it comes up the ending just completely knocks you off your feet and uh that's even the reviews we're getting with critics that it's most of the most fascinating endings to a film so we're excited about that," Kevin Downes said.

Next week, the film will be part of a prestigious screening in Hollywood that could lead to a Golden Globe nomination.

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